Perfectly Imperfect

Every night I close my eyes.
To the sound of your voice,
To the silhouette of your face,
And to the memory of your touch.

Wondering how everything can 
Get better when I have no drive.
No drive to smile even when I need to.
No drive to laugh because I miss you.

Every moment with you wasn't perfect.
But every minute with you 
I was reminded of why I loved you.
Your heart, your laugh and your smile.

To me you were my forever person.
I remembered staring into your face
As you slept away your weariness.
Cuddled up next to you beneath your chin.

Grazing your skin with my fingers.
Kissing your lips with the touch of mine.
Running my fingers through your hair.
Tightening my legs around your waist.

Every moment with you wasn't perfect.
We had arguments, we had disagreements.
We had misunderstandings.
Yet, I was sure of you.

I was sure that I wanted to be with you.
That I wanted to be your person 
For the rest of my life.
Hearing you play the piano.

Hearing you voice your opinions.
Watching "Ghost Adventures" with you.
Watching you skateboard at the park.
Being with you in every little moment.

Up until our wedding as I walked
Down the aisle, as you waited on the other side.
Your eyes teary, your smile shining.
Your parents proud of you.

Wanting more than anything for you 
To be happy, to be loved.
I wanted to do all the things we planned.
Now without you, I have to start over.

To me you were my perfect person.
You had flaws but I loved you anyways.
You disagreed with me but I wanted you.
You raised your voice but I forgave you.

Every moment with you wasn't perfect.
Yet I knew how I felt about you.
Because every morning I smiled to 
Your good morning text messages.

Bringing me so much happiness.
Suddenly, you went cold.
You no longer wanted me.
As if I was a burden to you.

An anchor for you to come home.
You loved your freedom.
You wanted that more than me.
Despite your disappearance

I still love you.
I find myself checking up on you.
Wanting to make sure you're okay.
Wanting to make sure you're healthy.

Every moment with you wasn't perfect.
To me, you were perfectly imperfect.
I knew in my heart that you were my
Special person by the way you made me feel.

A gentle touch of yours electrified my skin.
A gentle kiss made my heart beat extremely fast.
A tightened hug made me feel safe.
A tightened hand made me hold on.

Nothing you ever do will make me
Love you any less, even with 
The endless amount of time apart.
You were my perfectly ever after.

So with every breath I take,
I'll always remember you.


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