Only Exist In Love

Things are different now. I'm happy and feel beautiful. I'm loved and protected. I laugh more than I cry. Things are different now. My heart is in a safe place. My eyes are seeing the world. My ears can hear his voice. Things are better now. There's no more weight Hanging over my shoulders. There's no more pain. Things are better now. I don't find myself  Crawled up in a ball-- Crying the night away As you close your eyes And rest for the night. You look happy. And I'm happy for you. We weren't good together. We weren't meant for each other. We got caught up in the familiarity Of our childhood... Warm kisses and safe touches. You sucked me into your sadness. Making me believe that I didn't Deserve any better than what I was given. Things are brighter now. The sun is kissing my skin. Love is embracing me with warmth. Laughter is surrounding me with safety. Things are brighter now. He wakes up everyday, Tells me he loves me. And I fall more in love wit

Droplet vs. Ocean

When I'm with him, It feels safe--normal. I don't have to fight To get a droplet of love. He gives it willingly, Something your actions Failed to give and Your words failed to say. When I'm with him, It feels like time has stopped. For countless hours. Timeless with so much joy. I don't have to chase him, To get a droplet of love. He holds me tight, He kisses my forehead with care. When I'm with him, He never fails to amaze me. By his grace and patience. By his attention and humor. I don't argue with him Like I did with you. Where every word stung. Where every action burned. Believing that I wasn't  Good enough for you. Believing that I was  The problem. He doesn't make me feel small. He doesn't make me feel unworthy. To the point where I'd lose myself Just to get a droplet of love. When I'm with him, I can conquer the world. He supports me in ways  You could not. He respects my family  And fits in like a puzzle piece I had been missing When

Wilted Red Rose

Ever since you left, I've felt more alone, More distant, More not myself. Like a wilted red rose , Searching for water And sunlight so its petals Can bloom again. But the soil beneath the Wilted red rose Is dry and sad. The sunlight non-existent. Ever since you left, I've felt the world stop. Time stopped existing, But the separation between us Has grown further apart. Strangers in the darkest Of nights, waiting for the Sunlight to illuminate  Our broken and lonely hearts. My skin missing the tips of Your fingers, gently outlining My body, generating goosebumps All over my skin. That feeling has been missing For almost two years and  No one has compared to you. Your bright brown eyes Staring into mine as if they Somehow belonged. Our bodies piecing together As if we were some grand puzzle. The shiver you generated through My body was something inexplainable. Just how my heart doesn't fail To beat to your name rolling through My mind as if you were meant to be there. Living

If I Were To Write Our Story

If I were to write our story. Do you know what I'd write? I'd write you in the perfect light. Where the sun glazes over  Your brown marbles, Beneath your glasses, And where the wind kisses Away your tears. You always wanted me  To write our imperfect Love story and even if We didn't end up together We made one hell of a story. Mesmerized by your ability  To play the piano as if your Eyes were closed. As if you composed the music. Perfectly and undeniably amazing. If I were to write our story, I'd hold you in my arms. I'd kiss your cheeks, I'd whisper in your ear, I'd dig my face into the Crook of your neck. I'd make us get married. I'd make us grow a family. I'd make us better at communicating. I'd make us last forever. If I were to write our story, I'd close my eyes and find you. I'd write a story where we  Were made for one another. Instead of living in this life Where you didn't let me in, Where you didn't let me love you.

Disney Magic

Christmas lights down Main Street, your brown Eyes beneath the sky Your smile so shy. Two years ago, Our heartbeat so slow Counting the seconds Between every caress. Churros, popcorn, New Orleans, Kisses that felt like fireworks. Holding me close to your body As the cold blew against our cheeks. Holding hands, whispering In each other's ears as we  Waited in line for the next Ride of our lives. This was the moment Where I believed we  Were going to last forever, Holding onto Disney Magic. Photos in front of  Walle & Eve, your smile So magical that it felt  Like a dream. A dream I never thought I'd wake up from. The way you looked into  My eyes couldn't be fake. Or could it?  How did I let my dream Consume my judgement? As you held me close During the Haunted Mansion. Stealing kisses when it was  Dark enough, my skin Trembling every time you touched me. My arms wrapped around  Your neck as you held me At my waist, feeling so tiny. Pulling you closer. I dug my face beneat

Memory Lane

A trip down memory lane, Ice skating, laughing, lovin' Your smile branded into my brain. Our hearts beating, woven Together like lace. A perfect day, stilled Frozen in cold space. Our bodies thrilled. Your laugh echoing in my ears, My hands kissing your cheeks. Hopeful for the years, Ahead, even in the upcoming weeks. A trip down memory lane, White Hallet Davis & Co.  Singing in the time of rain. The notes falling like snow. Your lips touching mine Behind a rolled down window, Hoping that time will make it fine. That I won't miss you. It's been two years since that Moment, social media doesn't fail To remind me of my prince. As if I'm behind bars in jail. Waiting for you to release me, Hoping you'd come home. So I can rejoice in glee. Maybe take a trip to Rome. A trip down memory lane, Weary kisses from a well-fed nap. Love running through my veins. Our bodies filling in the gap. Holding you closely to my body. Branding your touch into my skin. You were alwa

The Same Girl You Left Me For

I want this to end. Don't want to feel. Don't want to think. Don't want to love. You make it a habit. Talking to me just  To see what I'd say. You haven't changed. The brokenness you feel Has always been existent Even in the time we spent  Together...making me feel broken. I deserved more time. I deserved to be loved. I deserved your trust. I deserved your commitment. You speak words of regret. But your actions don't change. You say leaving me was your  Biggest mistake. Then you make it clear That you're still with the  Same girl you left me for. The same girl you spent More than 365 days with. Giving her the time I deserved. Giving her the attention I deserved. You haven't changed. I don't think you ever will. By the time you realize it. The opportunity of us Would be long gone. I can't wait for you to wake up. I've moved on and you did too. You only gave me 7 months. 210 days...that's all I deserved in your eyes. You have no right to te