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Memory Lane

A trip down memory lane, Ice skating, laughing, lovin' Your smile branded into my brain. Our hearts beating, woven Together like lace. A perfect day, stilled Frozen in cold space. Our bodies thrilled. Your laugh echoing in my ears, My hands kissing your cheeks. Hopeful for the years, Ahead, even in the upcoming weeks. A trip down memory lane, White Hallet Davis & Co.  Singing in the time of rain. The notes falling like snow. Your lips touching mine Behind a rolled down window, Hoping that time will make it fine. That I won't miss you. It's been two years since that Moment, social media doesn't fail To remind me of my prince. As if I'm behind bars in jail. Waiting for you to release me, Hoping you'd come home. So I can rejoice in glee. Maybe take a trip to Rome. A trip down memory lane, Weary kisses from a well-fed nap. Love running through my veins. Our bodies filling in the gap. Holding you closely to my body. Branding your touch into my skin. You were alwa
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The Same Girl You Left Me For

I want this to end. Don't want to feel. Don't want to think. Don't want to love. You make it a habit. Talking to me just  To see what I'd say. You haven't changed. The brokenness you feel Has always been existent Even in the time we spent  Together...making me feel broken. I deserved more time. I deserved to be loved. I deserved your trust. I deserved your commitment. You speak words of regret. But your actions don't change. You say leaving me was your  Biggest mistake. Then you make it clear That you're still with the  Same girl you left me for. The same girl you spent More than 365 days with. Giving her the time I deserved. Giving her the attention I deserved. You haven't changed. I don't think you ever will. By the time you realize it. The opportunity of us Would be long gone. I can't wait for you to wake up. I've moved on and you did too. You only gave me 7 months. 210 days...that's all I deserved in your eyes. You have no right to te


I wish there were enough Words to tell you just how Much I miss you, your  Eyes, your breath, your lips. The things I want to say Become lost in the silence Between the waves of  Static. Labored. Non-existent. When I least expect it, You pull me back in  With an ease that only You can do--create. I respond casually, Thinking that the conversation Would lead to an apology  Or a pathway back to each other. I hope you got enough  Of a dosage of my attention. So you can go on for another  Five months with no communication. The actions I want to express Become frozen in a state of  Wonder, hoping that someday I can hold you again. To kiss your cheeks, Your neck, your lips, And your chin. To feel your breath Linger against my collarbone As I breathed in your scent. A scent I no longer remember. A scent I wish I had back. I wish there were enough Words to tell you that I  Never wanted to give up on us. I had so much hope for the future. Some say, you'll never come back. Some say, why woul

Subtle Feeling

Is it weird that I still remember The last movie we saw together, The last meal we ate together, The last time you said, 'I love you?' My mind still remembers The pitch of your voice. It's more distant now, but it's there. Your giggle tickling my neck. My heart still remembers The touch of your skin. It's subtle, but it's there. Your lips kissing my cheeks. Is it weird that I still remember The last time we went out on a real date, The last time you came over, The last time we argued? My mind still remembers The curve of your smile. It's non-existent now, but it's there. Your legs wrapping around my waist. My heart still remembers The window kisses. It's something I wish I can get back. Your nose dancing alongside mine. Is it weird that I still remember The last time I heard you play the piano, The last time you played the guitar, The last time you believed in us? It's like my heart doesn't  Want my mind to forget The one person, I've lov


Your eyes were my favorite The chocolaty surface That gazed into my face With simplicity and truth. My heart fluttering by Your touch that Friday Evening beneath the stars. Your touch felt like a piece Of Heaven, so beautiful. I felt like I had the world Because I had you. My childhood love Igniting that ember  Inside my heart. Revived, New, Transformed. The touch of your skin Electrified all my senses As I pulled you close on That one humid night. The promise of Forever Stained your lips with A brokenness I didn't  Think was possible Until seven months later. When you played the piano I felt my heart drum To the rhythm of your tune. The softness of your hair Was also one of my favorites. Raking my fingertips  Through your hair  Gave me an ease I didn't know existed. The beat of your heart Synched with mine Like two bodies  But one soul. Most of all, my best  Favorite thing Was you loving me The way I loved you. Sitting beside me  As I dug my face into The crook of your neck. S

One Morning

It's weird I woke up One morning with  A heavy chest, And soaked pillows. Wrapped up in your Green jacket, the one You gave me when We went ice skating. Knowing that the sun Shined brightly through The windows but that my Eyes were stained with sadness. Waking up to a morning With the lack of good Morning texts that said,  "Good morning Darling" A phrase that always lit Up my face brighter than The sun itself. But my  heavy heart Fell into the acid of my stomach. I woke up one morning Knowing that you weren't Mine to hold, to love, and To keep safe. My arms were empty And the memories leaked Out only the bad ones. I willed for the good ones To flood my mind. To make me forget. To understand what happened. Begging to hear those three words again. They were silent. You fell silent  And I blamed myself for it. Blamed myself for the tears In your eyes, the Poison spilling from your tongue, The storm inside your mind, And the

The Letter: Shaken

To Him: What you did was wrong...  Using me for your own selfish reasons when you clearly weren't ready. You used me as a transition and that's not cool. To have been given this burden you bestowed on me is cruel unusual punishment. I loved you with every fiber of my being, feeling internally grateful because I had you. What you did was wrong... Building me up just to tear me down. I defended you when my voice was shaken by the many times you cracked my heart for putting the blame on me. You could've done me the favor and dipped out early when you first realized that you were going to break my heart. Instead of holding out for 'hope' that it was gonna get better. What you did was wrong... I didn't understand the way your head is wired, but I knew you had a million and one excuses to shove me aside. You don't want easy, you want difficult. You want to help those that make you feel 'needed' other than 'wanted'. Because damn, I loved yo