When We Were Together

In the months when we were together,
Bathed beneath the happiness
Of the bright sun.
I saw us glisten hope.

Everyday felt like I had the world
In my hands, in my life, 
In my dreams, and in my heart 
Because I had you.

In the months when we were together,
You looked into my eyes
Like you never saw something
So perfect, so magical.

Everyday felt like I had a safe
Place to rest my head,
A soft kiss to heal my skin,
And a beautiful view in your eyes.

We were two people who were
Far from being perfect.
But I knew in my heart,
I wanted to be bathed within your love


In the months when we were together
It didn't seem like I was being 
Played, by every song you sang
By every touch you gave me.

Choosing another instead of me.
The one person who wanted to 
Keep you safe so no one would hurt you again.
Yet, I failed and I blamed myself.

The last week of being together,
Shaded by a blanket of black clouds,
Shocking our very need of survival.
We ended up drowning beneath the storm.

Your love vanished before my eyes.
Every promise, every illusion, 
And every word tongued from your
Lips poisoned my body.

I felt my whole world shake,
And I realized that I lost you, forever.
Every breath I take now, is out of tempo.
You made my breathing synch with yours.

I don't remember your voice,
Your eyes, the touch of your skin,
The way your lips kissed my skin,
And everything that made you, you.

You're just gone.

In the months when we were together,
I felt happy because I felt lucky
Enough to love you just as much as I did.
Not knowing that you stopped loving me.

Even though your touch didn't lie,
And your eyes didn't waver.
I believed in your word,
In what you showed me.

Thank you for failing my heart,
For crushing my dreams,
For silencing my voice,
And for closing up my mind.

Know that I don't hate you,
But that I won't trust you the same again. 


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